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Louie McLean

King Of The Gong Shows

Louie McLean

London-based comedian who’s been delighting audiences with his unique brand of low-energy, deadpan humor. Louie’s comedy journey has been marked by impressive achievements, including winning the Vauxhall Comedy Ding Dong Gong Show and the prestigious Comedy Store King Gong competition.

He’s a three-time winner at Up the Creek’s The Blackout and once claimed the runner-up spot. Louie’s talent extends beyond the local scene; he reached the semi-finals of the highly competitive “So You Think You’re Funny” in 2023.

With a style that’s refreshingly deadpan and a knack for delivering punchlines with precision, Louie has become a standout act in London’s comedy circuit. Get ready to experience his comedic brilliance as he continues to spread laughter throughout the city and beyond.

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