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Shaft of Wit has moved online, where we are actively supporting the many artists and promoters who have been hit particularly hard by the closure of live entertainment venues. We hope that through actively sharing and showcasing their online content we will help them reach a wider audience in readiness for when the live shows can return. It is also hoped that the exposure might extend to promoters and venues who may book them for gigs. It is not a complicated or highly original plan, but it has its heart in the right place and looks ahead with some optimism..

Social media has provided some limited comfort to the industry allowing performers and promoters to remain connected to their fellow artists, their fans and friends. It is exciting to see the way the content is improving and developing at the hands of some amazing creatives. Sadly, very few artists, if any, are paid for the creative content they are sharing online.  If you find content that you particularly enjoy, or if you see one of your favourite comedians telling jokes or singing alone in their living room, please show them some love.  If you see a link to a virtual paypal bucket or similar, you are not expected to pay a penny, but I can guarantee you will be making a difference to their situation if you did.  Think of it as the equivalent of buying the act a drink after a gig! 

There are many links to content from some of Shaft of Wit's list of funny, talented  and creative friends.* Every like, share and subscribe button you hit on their page will help them reach new audience members, so please do what you can.

Thank you for reading, Stay safe and keep smiling.



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