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Connaught Hall | Attleborough

Connaught Hall, Station Road, Attleborough, UK




Venue Description

Connaught Hall in Attleborough, Norfolk, England is a thriving entertainment venue that has been a cornerstone of the local community for many years. Let’s explore what makes Connaught Hall special:

Historical Significance:

  • Connaught Hall has a rich history, having operated as an entertainment hub for decades.

  • Its walls have witnessed countless performances, events, and gatherings.

Versatile Events:

  • The hall hosts a diverse range of events, including:

    • Pantomimes: Get ready for laughter, music, and colorful characters.

    • Plays and Musicals: Enjoy live theater productions.

    • Dances: Swing, salsa, or ballroom—the dance floor awaits.

    • Bingo Evenings: Try your luck and shout “bingo!”

    • And much more!

Community Connection:

  • Connaught Hall is deeply rooted in the local area.

  • It brings people together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

Booking Tickets:

  • Want to be part of the next event at Connaught Hall?

  • Check out the “Upcoming Events” tab on their website to secure your tickets.

Highest Standards:

  • The team at Connaught Hall takes pride in delivering top-quality experiences.

  • From sound and lighting to hospitality, they aim for excellence.

Whether you’re attending a play, dancing the night away, or enjoying a family-friendly show, Connaught Hall invites you to be part of its legacy!

Property Details

Property Type

Hall With Proscenium Arch



Property Location

Connaught Hall, Station Road, Attleborough, UK

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